Our sales professionals bring years of industry experience and expertise honed by a practical head-on-the-shoulders approach to every goal

About Our Company

Cloudedge is a marketing agency that caters to Enterprise and Technology companies across the globe to improve ROI on their marketing spend and shorten sales cycle with its market insight and demand generation services.

We are a 100% pay for performance company that provides end to end solution to Sales & Marketing including the creation of demand generation campaigns to fulfill clients MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead), HQL (High-Quality Lead) and SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) requirements. Every month we connect 1000’s of potential buyers with our customers globally from UnboundB2B platform that uses the power of BI, Data, Internet & Human Resources.

Our Vision

Getting Indian businesses online and creating engaging visible campaigns that are measurable and provide high returns on investments and value, is our main focus, while at a global front we are able to leverage our experience and expertise to provide value in an affordable manner to businesses across the planet.

We operate like your extended sales team to deliver end to end sales enablement services from database management to lead generation and appointment settings, and we believe in delivering quality results that improve the ROI of your sales efforts.
We would confidently stake out reputation on our integrity and the level of service we provide, and we strive to build long term partnerships based on trust, value addition, and continuous improvement.

Our Mission

We encourage learning and each team member is encouraged to learn one new thing a day. Consistently growing, we are moving at a fast pace, and provide opportunities for everyone to work on exciting projects and try new technology and marketing strategies to solve problems and deliver in a big way.

Cloudedge aims to adhere and also improve upon the qualifying and segmenting criteria you’ve set up to get to your dream customer base. Throughout the strategizing and execution process, we continuously share insights with you, to help you further refine or re-evaluate these criteria, all with the aim of maximizing your ROI, as well as build your brand.

What sets Cloudedge approach apart is the emphasis we lay on seamless and integrated branding communication. At every touch-point and through every channel, we aim to build a favorable brand image for you, such that your sales team gets a clear advantage in meetings and more face-time with prospects. This, combined with the expertise of real and seasoned sales professionals ensures QLB is an effective and trusted partner to your organization’s sales team.