Lead generation services for business

We offer a proven methodology that will help you to propel your business. We generate quality leads for your business, thus increasing your chances of conversion to many folds.


Outbound Lead Generation

There is no doubt that this type of lead generation is the most common and popular amongst all kinds of organizations. Outbound lead generation involves sending or pushing out a message to your target audience, regardless of whether they have expressed interest in your brand or not.

Outbound lead generation is aggressive in nature, and marketers need to follow pre-planned tactics to ensure that they forge genuine connections with prospects; rather than irritate them. Some common techniques of outbound lead generation include cold calling, mass messaging or emails, and display advertising.

Outbound lead generation is also referred to as ‘interruption marketing’ as it disrupts daily routines of the audience – they get to witness content during TV shows, on signboards, and while checking their email.

However, conventional sales lead generation services- like cold calling, telemarketing and spamming inboxes- don’t always succeed today.

Customers today are not likely to respond to brands or marketing campaigns that do not sound genuine and sound impersonal.

Outbound marketing, when executed with precision and authenticity, can produce good results.

Inbound Lead Generation

Inbound lead generation means the specialized creation of brand content that will drive traffic to the website and convert them to leads. The main aim of inbound lead generation is to make your brand more visible online, and ensure that it figures out top-most in search engines.

One aspect that can really make your inbound marketing efforts work is quality content. Emails, podcasts, articles, blogs, or videos can all generate interest in your product or service. This encourages existing and potential customers to take an interest in your organization and get in touch with them.

In inbound lead generation, you don’t pitch your product to your clients; rather, you take suitable efforts to motivate them to visit your website or store. You keep providing them valuable content on social media websites, email, or newsletters so that they stay hooked on to your brand and remain invested in your marketing strategy.

B2B Lead Generation

B2B offerings are generally larger ticket sizes and need a decision making authority to be reached. A range f easy and means are used to do so. From LinkedIn connections, to advertisements to tele-calls and a range of Be-found measures including SEO and Google Ads often come into play when conducting a B2B lead generation campaign. We have served a range of businesses for Business to Business Lead Generation including small niche audiences and larger decision making authorities, in India, Canada, USA, UK, UAE, Qatar, Australia, Japan, and Europe, covering more than 80+ industries and spanning 17 countries. We have an experienced team that has its expertise in online marketing and lead generation that works hand in glove with you to understand your offering, audience and then create your lead generation.

Social media in general, online marketing tools can be used to create specific lead generation campaigns based on age, demographics, gender, interests, location, marital status, or professional status. In fact, you could dig in deeper and filter a range of audiences to get a specific B2C audience. Leave that to us! Tell us and we will custom design your lead generation for you! B2C lead generation is often a specific campaign by companies who have products and services for direct consumers. This could relate to specific FMCG, or education or a certain Ecommerce offering or a professional service and it would focus on geographies and interests or age and demographics either by location as in, say, a medical clinic, or a certain audience that may want to buy or use your service while being at home, like a home delivery or a webinar or a subscription or an online course. Based on what you offer and to who, we can offer lead generation for your business, in a manner that you reach your audience and generate lead consistently.

Quality Leads

It helps you generate quality customer inquiries with a high conversion rate ratio. Getting highly qualified inquiries means a much better conversion rate and more sales and better business opportunities.

Reduced cost per Lead

It allows you to target only your desired customers, thus reducing your costs and time simultaneously and making the entire process cost-effective.

Increased sales and revenue

The combination of increased qualified leads and lower costs build the overall revenue of your company. Since these inquiries have high chances of getting converted, it means you have the max return of your investment.

E-mail Marketing

Our email marketing experts develop products or services specific mailers and send them to your target buyers. These mails consist of lucrative promotional offers that tempt to customers.

SMS Marketing

Using text messages, we help you reach out to a huge set of potential customers. These texts have compelling promotional messages that create a connection with your buyers.

Paid Ads

Promotional Ads on various online platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, etc, serve as a great medium to target your customers and carry out the desired results.